Everyday Eye Makeup

Copy of 5 Minute makeup

Hello, hello again Beautiful! For today, I would love to share with you my go-to eye look for days that I wear eyeshadow. I have a formula for my hooded eye shape that really works to lift and brighten my eyes. I can use this method with any color palette – but I almost always choose neutrals for myself (Naked palette is my holy grail!). Let’s go!


I always start with an eyelid primer because most shadows on my eye lids will travel into the creases very quickly without it. Urban Decay Primer Potion is my go-to, it has the perfect dry cream texture that really helps when blending shadows over it. My eye makeup wears flawlessly the entire day (or night ;)) without budging. This is one of my pricier options, but you only need the tiniest amount and it just works so well. I do have a budget friendly option that works exceptionally well – Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer. This primer has a tackier texture so I have to be a bit more precise with my application, but it works so well at keeping your shadow on!

Next up, I like to take a fluffy brush and apply a shadow that’s close to my skin tone, maybe a tone or two lighter, all over my lid and up into my crease. This base shadow really helps me to blend the areas of shadow, it’s more important when you’re using a tackier primer.


I have been using and loving this Naked Basics palette for every day looks and as a good option for having good blending colors for any other look. I often will just pack this palette for vacations and trips. UD shadows are some of my absolute favorites and they have been since I started really getting into makeup.  They have deep pigmentation, a creamy perfect texture, and no fallout.

From here, I like to deepen my crease with a mid tone brown (Lockout in the UD palette) and my absolute favorite eye brush for hooded eyes – a Mac 217. Because of my hooded eye shape, I start this color just above my natural crease while still following the shape of my crease. I find that deepening the area just above my crease I am able to open up my eye look by pulling the crease area up. Then blend, blend, blend! The 217 is perfect for a nice controlled blend.


After deepening and lifting my crease, I use the pad of my ring finger to apply a lighter shadow with a bit of shimmer directly on to my lid.  A quick blend with my trusty 217 and I’m good to go!


If I want to add a bit more depth (to transition from day to night, or just darken up your look a bit) I like to add a deep brown to my outer corner and blend into my crease. I love to use a smaller brush (my personal favorite for this job is the Sigma E27) for darker colors because it helps to give me more control over placement. I can really direct the color to exactly where I want it. Lately I’ve been loving to blend out these outer corner/crease colors with an angled brush, a Sigma E70.

Next up, my favorite liner – Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil. I love this pencil for so many reasons. It glides on like a gel and is easily blendable, and once it’s set it will not budge! NYX Slide On Eye Pencil is a fantastic budget friendly alternative.


I always place my liner on my upper lash line and start with small swipes to get a nice, even line. Blending my liner softens my look and gives me that smoked look that I love. I normally use my ring finger pad again, or a cotton swab to blend it out just a bit. I sometimes will add just a bit more liner right on my lash line to deepen that up, and on to mascara! I almost never line my lower line, but when I do I like to blend it out a bit too. It’s amazing to me what this liner technique does to open my eyes! In some cases liner can really close up the eye, but having this subtle smoked line really opens up my eye shape.


My favorite mascara at the moment is L’oreal Lash Paradise. I push the brush in to the base of my lashes, give it a good wiggle to press the product on to all the lashes, and turn while you are pulling the wand up. This technique really surrounds each lash and coats them root to tip so you’re getting a really full, lengthened look.

This is my go-to formula for my everyday eye look, but it’s also a great foundation for a multitude of other looks! I love to do this technique with different colors, too. Try it out, and let me know what you think! Oh, and don’t forget to check out my IG for a quick little video tutorial if that’s more your speed :)!



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