Easy Every Day Waves: Hair Tutorial

Easy Everyday Waves

Hello again, Beautiful! Today I would love to share with you my easy everyday loose curl look. This is something that I love to do when I wear my hair down, and I’m able to get them done in the morning in about 20-25 minutes. It’s a bit of a time commitment in those early morning hours when I’m usually rushed but I can generally stretch it out 3 or sometimes 4 days so it feels worth it. I like my waves to be a little messy and full but still clean. I can also use these loose curls as a base for other styles (half up, messy bun) that I’ll share in a future post. I’m in no way qualified to do hair but this definitely works for my hair type (fine, straight) and after some experimentation with loads of products. I’ll give some tips on time saving, making them last, and how to keep them fresh after a workout too! Let’s do it!

With my first styling, I start with freshly washed hair. The shampoo and conditioner I absolutely love is R and Co Television Perfect Hair.  It’s pricey, but oh so worth it. It’s color safe and it really cleans the hair without making it feel weighed down or stripped. You only need about a nickel sized amount because the formula is concentrated, so the bottle will easily last at least a month (depending on how often you like to wash your hair). A great drugstore option is Love Beauty & Planet Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower.  I love this set for the same reasons I love the R and Co – it cleans my hair well without leaving a ton of buildup and making it feel weighed down. My hair is fine and will get oily much faster if there is lot of product left behind, so I love that this formula cleans and conditions my hair while rinsing clean. I like that neither of these products have a super strong scent, I like my hair to smell clean but not perfumed. Both lines are safe for color treated hair like mine, too.  About once a week I like to use this deep conditioner from about mid-shaft down to my tips. I love that this is affordable, works really well at giving my hair a moisture boost, and rinses without weighing my hair down or making it look greasy.


After washing and conditioning I use two products on my wet hair: Aquage Uplifting Foam focused on my roots and a styling cream on my ends. The Aquage foam gives my roots lift like no other, plus just a touch of texture that keeps it full throughout the day. I recently found and have been loving the Living Proof Prime Style Extender as a styling cream that works almost like a modern day mousse, without the tacky crunchiness. I use about a quarter size amount and apply it from root to tip. I love the green tea scent it has and I really have noticed a big difference in the way my hair holds a style with this product. I have also noticed that I don’t really need any additional styling creams when I use this (my hair is pretty fine, so more layers tend to weigh it down) but if you have a different hair type you can layer this product under your favorite styling creams and still get the additional hold.

From here I blow dry my hair in two sections, just top and bottom, with my favorite round brush. I desperately need a new blow dryer, I’ve had mine for an embarrassingly long amount of time and it’s not awesome. I’ve been looking closely at the BabylissPro Nano Titanium Dryer and possibly even a refurbished Dyson. I have seen a few people mention that getting the very pricey Dyson this way can be more affordable.DSC_0211

Once I’m done drying I go right into curling. I’ll usually have my curling iron heating up while I’m drying. I section my hair in to 2 sections again, just top and bottom. I then bring in a secret weapon, Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press spray. This is like a pre hair spray, it provides heat protection and a bit of hold for my curls. My hair doesn’t hold curl super well, especially since I stopped adding a lot of blonde in (I do have some balayage highlights added in the front sections about twice a year).

I start in the back and make my way toward the front, curling away from my face. I prefer to always curl away from my face instead of alternating curl directions because I feel like it looks better on me and it’s easier to touch up the next few days. I like to come in and curl a few pieces higher up but still in the same direction to give it extra texture and to keep it from clumping together. Check out my highlighted stories on Insta for a quick video tutorial (if your like me and seeing the process helps!).DSC_0219

When I’m done curling a section I do not touch it until it’s cooled completely. Once all the curls are set I’ll spray everything with my go-to OG hairspray. I’ve used this hairspray for years, it works really well for holding the curls without being too stiff or crunchy. I want them to look soft and touchable, albeit messy, and this spray delivers at a price point that is hard to beat.

After everything is set and the spray is dry I will go in and touch up and curls that look limp or add a few higher curls for texture. I don’t use anymore hairspray but most days I do come in with my favorite texture spray, another R and Co winner. A quick spray with this from about mid shaft down and I’m good to go!

Usually by day two my curls are more like loose waves and that can be really pretty without touching up, but I almost always like to come back in with my curling iron and bring in a few more defined sections. I like to hit my roots with a dry shampoo to keep any oiliness at bay. My current favorite is the Kristen Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo.


On the days that I work out I love to wash my hair afterward and start fresh, but it’s not always possible. Enter one of my star products – another dream product by R & Co – their Spiritualized Dry Shampoo. This product is actually not dry but it does contain a bit of alcohol and micellar water to help clean the hair. I shake and spray all over in sections next to my scalp. If I’m super sweaty I will come in again with my blowdryer after spraying this product on to dry any sweat and keep bacteria and odors at bay. I found this technique really works for me to give me an extra day or two before washing again. By drying the sweat in your hair you’re removing a lot of the moisture (and oils with the spray) that bacteria need to grow and produce odor, making it fresh again. A quick pass with the curling iron to touch up and I’m good as new!

I have loved doing my hair like this for a few years now. It’s versatile and easy, but still gives me polish and personality. Let me know what you think!


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